We'll bring the whisky fair
to your sofa

Since we're not allowed to meet at whisky fairs these days, we'll come to your house.

Find out everything about the creation of the brand, the philosophy and the 7SEALS process at this virtual whisky expo. Our single malts and whiskies have already won gold and silver awards worldwide.


    46% in
    360 degrees

    46% in
    360 degrees

    All bottles in this virtual Expo can be viewed all around you. Just click and turn.

    Dolf explains,
    what's behind

    To enjoy your own whisky, that was the dream. It was too much for him that this would take a long time with the traditional method. The analysis was followed by optimisation and solution. 7SEALS folds the time and improves the Scottish method. Find out here how Dolf managed to do this and where the advantages of his process still lie.

    Get to know our award-winning whiskies

    and see what our experts have to say

    Dive with Ia into the world of 7SEALS WHISKY

    Our angel at the exhibition front. It is also always a pleasure for us to listen when Ia starts to swarm at tastings. She is looking forward to actively exchanging ideas with you about our single malt whiskies again in the future.